Monday, February 22, 2021

February Modern BOM - Block 2 - Curves

 The block for this segment of the BOM is called "Curves".

It is a good introduction to sewing curves. If the thought makes you nervous, just push that thought aside and dive in. I promise the block will be nice in the end, even if it turns out a bit different than the one in the instructions....which is what happened to me!

It wasn't the curves that gave me a problem...I really don't know where I went wrong. I thought of re-doing the block, but then realised that this is a good lesson in itself. My block looks fine and no one will ever know that it isn't "as it's supposed to be". This is supposed to be our hobby...and be's not worth getting our knickers in a twist about it.

On that note, the following is how constructed the block, and how I "fixed" it. By the way, Stephanie Sinden has made this block, and it did turn it can be done!  (I think I may have jinxed myself on the previous block, when I said it was my favourite, and nice and easy to do!)

Here are my fabrics cut out as per instructions. I ended up needing more background fabric to fix my block, so make sure you pick a background fabric that you have extra of, just in case you find yourself in the same boat!

My fabrics all sewn together...

Here is where I've marked my first curve. 

...and then cut that curve...the white bit on the left is discarded, the white fabric on the right of the curve is what we are sewing to the printed fabrics...

We are not going to use pins to attach the me!...

Slowly sew the two together, bringing the edges together as you sew. I would say if this is your first time trying this just sew an inch at a time, pause, then bring the next inch together. I find that using the "needle down" feature is useful for this if you have the option on your sewing machine.

These next pictures show my progress. Somewhere in here I've gone wrong....and I feel bad that I can't advise you better than I am. All I can say is follow the directions and see how it goes (sorry)... this point the block should be done!....but mine came out too narrow, not even close to the 12.5" it should be. I think it was more like 10"!

So, to fix mine I flipped the block around 180degrees and repeated the process with another white strip. I think I used a piece 4" wide to make sure that I had a block big enough.

I used my 12.5" ruler to cut the block to size...

...and here is my finished block. It is not like it's supposed to be, but it's a nice block nonetheless...

So this month's lesson is to not be uptight about perfection....I know that in traditional piecing we have to worry more about being precise, but that is not the case in most modern piecing, and especially true for this block!

Please remember to post your finished block on Instagram using the hashtag #tqgmodernbom and #twilightquiltersguild. I can't wait to see your blocks! It's also nice to see pictures of all the blocks you've made so far.

To access the instructions for this block, we are going to try something a bit different. You can find the instructions through the website of the Twilight Quilters' Guild...HERE. Just scroll down that page and you will find a link to the Curves block instructions.

P.S. Please don't let my difficulty with this block scare you off, obviously I'm missing something, just not sure what it is! If it makes you more comfortable, you can always do a test block first. 

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February Modern BOM - Block 2 - Curves

  The block for this segment of the BOM is called "Curves". It is a good introduction to sewing curves. If the thought makes you n...